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What is an Apprenticeship?

A registered apprenticeship is an employer-driven model that combines on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction that increases an apprentice’s skill level and wages. 

Classroom instruction is tailored to a company's specific technologies, processes, and culture. Whether you are a new hire or current employee, your apprenticeship training curriculum tailored to your specific position and the technologies you need for success.

Apprenticeship IS NOT the same as Internship

Apprenticeships and internships are not the same thing. From their purpose, length of time, pay structure, employee status and other elements - these programs have differences that employers and candidates need to be aware of.

Apprenticeship Commitments & Benefits

Employers and apprentices can expect these commitments:

  • 144 classroom hours

  • A mentor is provided

  • Full-time employment status

  • A raise within one year

  • Apprenticeships are the other college, without the debt option” for building a career

Apprenticeship Benefits

Apprentice Benefits

  • Hired for a full-time job and earn competitive wages

  • Receive on-the-job training in your new role

  • Gain knowledge from experienced peers, mentors & managers

  • Realize income increases and career progression as your skills grow

Employer Benefits & Cost Savings

  • Free recruiting services with a diverse candidate database

  • Free project management

  • Free customized training per apprentice

  • Arkansas state tax credit of $2,000 per apprentice

  • Average 84% retention rate

  • ROI within 12 months

  • Savings range from $5,000 to $10,000 per apprentice

Employer Benefits and Cost Savings
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