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Getting Started in IT


Getting Started in IT

Many think of IT as a field for programmers or tech support representatives. You’ll be thrilled to know that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There may be a role for you in IT.


  • Are you the “tech support” for your family? You may excel in a Help Desk role.

  • Enjoy working on detailed projects – just not in programming? Consider a role as a Project Manager or Business Analyst.

  • Math isn’t your thing, but art is? You may be successful as a designer or a UX (User Experience) Specialist.

  • Love trying to break things? You may be a great Security Analyst.


Now that you know you're interested in IT, let's look at how to get started!

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Learn about IT Arkansas and where YOU might land your IT career!

Popular IT Positions

Are you ready to pursue a career in IT, but aren't sure which career is right for you?


Check out some of these popular IT positions and see what sounds right for you! This isn’t an exhaustive list, and some positions may have different titles, but this should get you started!

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Which IT career is the right one for me?

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How to Get Started in Information Technology

Anyone can make the shift into IT at any time, one just has to be ready to work! Below is a list of several ideas to help you get started!

  • List your interests: Make a list of the type of IT work you believe you’d be interested in. Is it cybersecurity? Or web design? Or project management? Your list will help you narrow your focus.

  • Update your professional social media profiles: LinkedIn is often the first place employers look! Check out some tips here to strengthen your profile. If you know you’re interested in development, create a GitHub account and upload your work!

  • Learn some coding skills: Visit CodeAcademy or and learn coding skills for free (including Javascript, C#, and more).

  • Network. Network. Network: Most positions are found through the “who you know” network, which is why it’s time to start building your network! Reach out to old classmates, friends, or neighbors to start making connections. This resource has some great networking tips. Attend events in your area to meet new people in IT.

  • Projects: Think back to any computer classes you took in high school, college, or in professional development workshops, did you have a project? Have you built a website for a friend? Have you created a game modification for a video game? All are examples of projects you can list on your resume or GitHub profile!

  • Strengthen your resume: Learn how to craft your resume to appeal to IT hiring managers. Here’s an example of an IT resume.

  • Connect with IT recruiters: ACDS is here to help, but several companies offer recruiting services. Robert Half is located in Little Rock and helps to place individuals in tech positions. 

  • Search the Job Boards: Start browsing job boards to get an idea of what IT positions are looking for. Check out more information here. Also check out Arkansas’ only job board dedicated solely to IT.

How to Get Started in Information Technology

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