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IT Job Search Tips


IT Job Search Tips

The number of IT jobs are growing - with many going unfilled. To communicate your skills and find your role, you need to leverage every available tool. We've included tips for resume-writing, training resources, and networking opportunities.

Writing the Right Resume
  • Tailor your summary to be IT specific.

  • Limit your resume to 1-2 pages.

  • If you graduated 10+ years ago, leave off your graduation date.

  • Use a simple, classic black and white format. No graphics. No pictures. (One accent color can be used.)

  • Choose your font wisely (no typewriter fonts).

  • Read the job description carefully and include key words (some hiring systems use automated key word searches to determine if you have certain skills. Use tools like or to compare your resume with the job description.

Writing the Right Resume

You have 10 seconds to capture the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention. Make sure you tailor your resume per job. Specifically adding items on the job posting that you have experience with.

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