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ACDS has secured expert resources to provide the guidance and working models to expedite the process an Employer will use to initiate an apprenticeship program for a specific IT occupation and skill set.


As an Employer Partner with us,

you'll select the talent,

check the employer tailored curriculum,

and our ACDS team handles the rest!


Let us explain! 

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Occupation Specific Cohorts

Our Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Programs are specific to the IT Occupations you need most. While using DOL standards for apprenticeship, the training programs for each cohort will be  tailored based on the specifics of the Employer’s business. 

Talent Acquisition 


ACDS' Talent Acquisition Team is continually reviewing IT candidates in our ever-growing pipeline of diverse talent. After initial screenings and assessments, our TA Team then works with corporate hiring managers to

match candidates and

company culture.


Tailored Classroom Training

From our network of experts, ACDS will identify the Training Partner providing the right curriculum for teaching the required general skills. Then, in the customized portion of the curriculum, the individual sponsor corporations can teach their own specific processes and IT tools.

Project Management Services

Once an Employer Partner is ready to begin, the ACDS Project Management Office joins your team's efforts.  ACDS' PMO guides the process of implementation ensuring all key components are in place for a successful Apprenticeship Program. The ACDS PMO will be there from implementation, through Day 1 and all the way through to the completion of each cohort!

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Our Employer Partners

Interested in learning how an Apprenticeship Program with ACDS can help you find your future talent?

Please fill out the below information.  We look forward to getting in touch with you soon!

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