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The Director's Chair - Vol 1, No 4

THIS MONTH it is my pleasure to introduce two new members to the ACDS team. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to be part of a number of high-performing teams. Generally, such teams are made up of individuals who are capable of taking the lead, but who also have the wisdom and humility to follow. They can all participate in helping shape strategy, and once it’s decided can make it happen. Many times such teams include individuals who are flexible and experienced enough to take on multiple roles. To win on any team, you better have at least a couple of superstars.

Welcome Lisa W. & Ashley F. to the ACDS Team!

I believe we are adding two more superstars to an already very capable ACDS core: Lisa Wiggins, our new Stakeholder Director, has more than 20 years experience in Training Development, Training Delivery, Business Sales, Marketing, and Event Planning here in Arkansas. Lisa has a track record of forging trusted relationships, and for ACDS her primary stakeholders will be Arkansas Corporations and Higher Education.

Ashley French, our new Director of Talent Acquisition, has more than a decade of experience in successful IT Recruiting in Arkansas. A quality apprenticeship program starts with the talent pipeline, and Ashley has a proven background of establishing the process and achieving the results.

Check out the current ACDS team on our website, and please join us in welcoming Lisa and Ashley.

Bill Yoder,

Executive Director

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