Apprenticeship Programs

ACDS apprenticeships provide the curriculum to teach the required general skills, with a customized portion of the curriculum allowing individual corporations to teach its own specific culture and processes and tools.

Data Science


The Center will use a shared infrastructure, which includes high-performance computing access as well as storage and processing capacity to assist in completing a shared infrastructure with statewide access to databases and Data Science tools.

Higher Education

Arkansas higher education increases, corporations employ Arkansas talent that meets its requirements, students become employees with minimal debt to repay, all while earning transferable credits that provide a pathway to a four-year degree.


Speakers at conferences, seminars, and workshops will be focused on all our constituents and stakeholders. ACDS will establish a series of seminars held regionally to educate corporate executives on the importance and value of data analytics in a competitive market.

Events & Programs

ACDS is interested in programs that educate, inform, and encourage participation in Computer Science and Data Science and some existing agencies and corporations currently sponsor and conduct such programs annually. ACDS will sponsor additional programs that focus on specific levels of the talent supply chain.


ACDS will be a catalyst for sustaining the Arkansas Public-Private Partnership in its mission to increase the number of Data Scientists who are produced by Arkansas educational institutions and who stay in the state and work for Arkansas corporations.

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