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Growing & Advancing Arkansas's Technology Workforce

ACDS is building and retaining top data science and IT talent in the state of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Center for Data Sciences (ACDS) is a nonprofit working to grow Arkansas' IT talent pipeline. We're helping individuals, employers, institutions, and community partners create the future of Arkansas. Through technology skills, we're changing the world. Join us!

Our Services



Through our DOL registered apprenticeship programs, ACDS will customize its training content to equip talent for your specific needs.

Higher Education

Higher Education

ACDS bridges the gap between employers and higher education by helping to align skill set requirements and curriculum - to ensure individuals receive the best training and organizations employ the best prepared talent.

Programs and Events

Programs & Events

ACDS hosts and participates in seminars, conferences, trainings, webinars, and networking events throughout the state - to grow a well-equipped talent pool and help employers reach their hiring goals.

Building IT Talent

Career Seekers
Career Seekers

Discover a career in the dynamic,  fast-paced, rapidly growing field of technology. ACDS will help you get started!


As organizations grow more dependent upon technology, you need the best talent to help you achieve your goals. ACDS will help you find and train your technology team.

What Arkansans Are Saying

Keyboard and Mouse
Christina, Apprentice

"I’m doing a SharePoint apprenticeship. SharePoint is a Microsoft program that helps companies build their own websites.... The entire apprenticeship is one year. The first six months we’ll be earning our certifications with Microsoft, and then we’ll be put out into the field. It’s going really well."

Christina, SharePoint Developer Apprentice, Affirma
Mark Mason

"The apprenticeship program has allowed us to find awesome, motivated people like Christina who are the right culture fit that we can train and mentor. We are also excited to be able to give folks opportunities that might not otherwise get them.  We see apprenticeship as a key part of our growth strategy and are very excited about it."   

Mark Mason, Co-founder & Principal, Affirma


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